Establish safely with our expertise.


As culture, demand and resources in the western world compare to Asia appear differently, it is important to think about the alignment that has to be made when expanding your business overseas. We know about this. Our team has experience of operating in Europe as well as Asia. With a huge network and knowledge about the markets, we can help a successful western company to establish in Southeast Asia.



First step to have a successful growth in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia is to register a company. Even though Hong Kong is one of the most influential regions in the world, this is not always easy. We will make sure your company gets the right establishment when it comes to business registration, secretary services and accounting.

One in your team

Instead of you putting all of your forces and effort into Hong Kong, while having a lot on the table as it is, we can replace that resource, but over here. In that way, you do not have to worry about establishing staff in Hong Kong at the first stage – we can work as an extended arm, as if we were one in your team.

Market analysis

We believe knowing your market is the founding part for a successful business when establishing abroad. Our team has experience from working in Europe as well as Asia, we know the difference. Hong Kong, compare to many other markets, serves a constantly changing environment with new trends to be aware of every day.


We connect people. Our network is huge in Hong Kong, but also with a connection to Europe. We are keen to connect the right people to establish a relationship that will bring long term collaborations.

Beyond Hong Kong

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? 60% of the world’s population is living in Asia. That means a lot of costumers and a lot of opportunities. Let us analyse which market your company should challenge, and let us take you there.