We follow the market.


We are keen to work with the right tools in regards to the trend of today, with an eye on the outlook of tomorrow. Our strategy is focused on digitalized marketing in combination with essential collaborations for maximized, but smart, publicity.

The team has expertise in many fields, but are specialised in the most up-and-coming sectors on the market, foremost:

  • E-Commerce
  • Retail
  • Education

We opportunistically look at deals across the broader internet and mobile space where we believe in the team and the opportunity. We want to make sure that our team can bring the companies to the next level with our services, in order to accelerate the business in a sustainable way.

Grow your business.


With its base in Hong Kong, Q hub is looking for companies within three categories; start-ups, small- and middle sized enterprises (SME’s), and European companies that are planning to expand their business to Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. Regardless category, Q hub is keen to make your vision become reality and eager to support this journey with our qualified and efficient team.

Q hub will tailor a solution for your company in regards to your demand and strategy. We focus on strategy, communication, marketing and IT – aligned with what we believe is best for your business. Our team offers consulting services, market analysis, business partners, new market establishment, global implementation, legal clarifications, human resources management, mentorship, funding and more. Contact our passionate team to schedule a first meeting.

Invest smart.


As an investor, our focus is investing in early stage (Pre-Series A and Series A) internet and mobile companies. We seek out companies with top notch management teams and strong market potential, which are not tied to strategic investments for Q hub. We invest in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, and other locations around the world, especially in emerging markets, and seek companies which have the potential to scale across the region.

Our primary targets for investment are seed-stage and early-stage companies. We provide the necessary funds for when the start-up grows and business expands.